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Cigars by Wrapper

Cigar wrappers are the first thing you notice about a cigar. These leaves make the first impression on the consumer. Manufacturers pay a lot of attention to these tobacco leaves because they know that the wrapper informs the consumer about the content and quality of the cigar—a lot like an attractive dress on a lady and book covers. The wrapper can determine up to 50% of the overall experience of a cigar. Wrapper leaves are among the essential ingredients in cigars, so growers make an extra effort to cultivate and protect them to achieve optimum flavor. Whether you’re looking to try new types of cigar wrappers, researching cigars online, or just learning about wrapper types, here are some things you should know about wrappers.

Wrapper leaves are selected from the lower sections of the tobacco plant, where the leaves are bigger and thicker. They’ll need to be classified by size and quality grade. Wrapper size will depend on the cigar’s length and quality of being free of blemishes. The sheen you’ll notice derives from the effect the aging process has on certain oils in the leaf. The color of the cigar wrappers ranges from very light to very dark brown, with some variations in green. Wrapper color must not be confused as an indicator of cigar strength. Although all leaves start green, they will turn brown with drying, fermenting, and aging. While there are over 50 kinds of wrapper leaves, they originate from four main types: Connecticut, Corojo, Habano, and Maduro.

The color and sheen of the outer wrapper are the first impressions a smoker notices when looking at a cigar—an invitation to be appreciated. And though a quality wrapper often indicates a superior smoke, it usually affects the cigar’s aesthetic composition more than anything else. Here you will find all cigars we offer by wrapper type. Revisit a favorite or explore new cigar wrappers today.

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