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Parejo Cigars

Many people have an iconic vision of what a cigar should look like. It should be round, cylindrical, with a dome-shaped cap. This description tells the story of the Parejo shape cigar. They account for most cigars today; more than 80% of cigars are Parejos. When you get into cigars, you will discover numerous shapes. Some of these shapes have incredible stories and impact the experience you get from smoking them. The Parejo cigars are named for “parejo,” a Spanish word that translates to equal. It has the same ring gauge from the cap to the foot—a perfect cylinder in contrast to the figurados, whose ring gauge changes along its length.

In recent years, the Parejo has been divided into 2 subgroups, the perfect Vitola and the box-pressed parejos. When you look down from the foot, the circumference of the cigar is round for Vitola and square for boxed pressed. The advantage of the boxed pressed cigars is that during the aging process, they make the tobacco in the cigar marry better. Another benefit is that it makes the cigar feel smaller in your mouth. Although, a 50-ring gauge cigar is still a 50 even after being box-pressed. One major disadvantage is that they burn pretty poorly compared to the Vitolas. This can be circumvented by impeccable craftsmanship.

Our collection offers you a variety of both hand-rolled parejo and box-pressed shape cigars. Surf through them today to enjoy both worlds. Check out all cigar shapes. Explore all of our handmade cigars! You may also return to the homepage.

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