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6 Finger Ashtrays

A 6-fingered ashtray is a great piece that should be in your den. You may wonder why you need an ashtray to accommodate six cigars, but every cigar lover should always be prepared for a smoking party. With such an ashtray, you'd be ready to host or be hosted at a smoking party anywhere at any time. Ashtray with six fingers is common in public spaces like hotels and bars, where numerous individuals smoke simultaneously. And the receptacle is usually large enough to accommodate lots of cigar ashes. It can be made from any material and crafted into any shape. Its price also differs based on the material, the aesthetics, and, sometimes, the brand.

The Xikar Burnout Ashtray is a great example of an ashtray with six cigar rests. And perhaps the most popular. The fancy ashtray is made with both plastic and metal. The melamine ash receptacle is sized to hold lots of ashes with a metal-wheeled lid that can accommodate six cigars. The chrome ashtray is gloss-coated to improve its durability. The Colibri Quasar Six-Finger Ashtray is another sturdy ashtray with six cigar rests. The well-crafted ashtray is made with metal and features a melamine receptacle with non-slippery rubber foot pads to keep the ashtray firm on your table. Buy a 6-fingered ashtray today!

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