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Humidification By Price

Irrespective of the size of your humidor, you need a reliable humidification system to keep your cigars fresh - you can find them here at a great price. These systems can come in at different price ranges to cater to different demands. If you are a newbie smoker with a smaller collection, you are okay with packs like Boveda or Xikar’s. If you have a larger humidor, you need a more sophisticated system. Boveda packs are a popular, tidy, low-maintenance humidification system. A pack comes in at just $3.5. This is enough to preserve up to 75 cigars at a time. You just remove it from the pack and drop it in the humidor; the 2-way humidification technology handles the rest. Because of the two-way feedback system, Boveda packs will not over-saturate your cigars. They are available in a range of sizes to accommodate your humidor capacity.

XIKAR is another famous brand for its cheap and efficient humidification system. The jars cost around $6 and can regulate humidors of up to 150 cigars. If you have a larger humidor, you need to buy additional jars. It keeps your relative humidity at a steady 70% for up to 90 days before it needs a refill. Cigar Oasis’s electronic humidifiers are popular in larger and glass-top display humidors. The device has sensors that pick up the humidity; it automatically starts the electronic fans when it drops. This fan then disperses water molecules from the reservoir to increase the relative humidity. You can run them on batteries or connect them to a power outlet. They cost around $120 per piece, and each can preserve 300 - 1000 cigars.

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