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Corona Cigars

If you are on your imaginative journey, which takes you on a path of a cigar, the chances are that it's a corona, whether it's a regular, double, petit, gran, gorda, or half. The Corona cigar is the foundational size of cigar from which all other cigar sizes are measured from. It is a typical standard cigar and one of the most popular worldwide. Many people often think that a cigar wrapper, binder, and filler are all that is to determine the level of pleasure derived from a cigar. This is a misconception. As much as the wrapper is aesthetically and flavorfully important, and the binder and filler determine the notes, a cigar "vitola" contributes to its overall experience. "Vitola" is a Spanish word used for cigar sizes. Cigar size refers to its length measured in inches and ring gauge, i.e. the thickness measured in 64th of an inch.

The Corona 5 ½ to 6 inches length cigar with a ring gauge of 42 to 44 is found with almost all brands of cigars. The experience differs from brand to brand depending on the filler, binder, and wrapper. You may also find half, petit, gran, gorda, and double Corona-sized cigars. They also vary in strength depending on the blend. Because they are thin-shaped, they often contribute additional concentration to a given blend. Ashton Corona is a premium corona from the stable of the Ashton brand. Davidoff Grand Cru No. 2 is another high-rated corona size cigar worth trying.

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