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Humidors $50+

Many things can make a humidor’s price soars above $50. This could be for a bigger capacity, fancier designs, or premium materials. These humidors are worth the price tags. So why buy premium cigars and keep them in generic humidors? Humidors provide a consistent humidity that preserves the flavor and aroma of your cigars. Without them, they’ll lose their quality in less than two weeks. The VegaFina Promotional Humidor is a quality humidor that every cigar aficionado needs in their home. It comes in a 30cm by 21cm by 10cm box that gives it enough capacity to hold 20 cigars. The box has a sleek white finish, allowing it to fit perfectly with your home decor. The design is topped with a glass pane, allowing you to show off your collection without popping open the lid. It has an airtight, watertight, and crushproof design with a stainless steel hinge and latches hinges for added security. It will set you back around $125 for a piece.

Flor de Alba collection is as good as they come. Each piece cost around $4,500. This is well deserved as Elie Bleu humidors are often considered the ultimate luxury items for cigar enthusiasts. The finish on this particular model is a tribute to traditional labels of Cuban cigar boxes. It isn’t just about the form; the humidor also excels in its functions. The boxes of 15 inches by 12 inches by 5.5 inches provide space for 200 cigars. The space is divided into two storage levels with one perforated tray. It comes with one hair hygrometer and two humidifiers. If you're able to have a budget over $50, you'll definitely find a spectacular humidor.

If you want a larger space or that extra dash of class, our collection is filled with just the right humidors to suit your taste and budget. While you're here, check out all of the cigar accessories available at Cigar Country. Then, explore our vast array of handmade cigars. Lastly, you may return to the homepage.

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