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Medium to Full-Bodied Cigars

Medium to full-bodied cigars are a level above medium-bodied cigars in terms of strength but, they contain lower nicotine compared to full-bodied cigars. If you have been hanging around in the medium strength category, it’s the next logical step. They contain more Ligero tobacco leaf compared to the Medium cigars. Ligeros are leaves exposed to the most sunlight on a tobacco tree. Consequently, they have a greater concentration of nicotine. They are used as wrappers and filler leaves in strong cigars. Medium to full cigars is perfect for you if you are trying to move up a notch or two in strength. They are also a popular choice among aficionados who want to occasionally step back from the strength of the full-bodied cigars.

These perfectly aged cigars provide a smooth balance between strength and flavor. Although you get the kick of the increased nicotine concentration, the flavor profile will still saturate your palate. However, medium-full cigars could be a little too much for the new cigar smokers. The nicotine rush could make you feel sick or dizzy. You should therefore start with the milder cigars of the same brand before graduating to this weight class. Every hand-rolled premium cigar brand has these cigars in its portfolio. Davidoff Millennium, H. Upmann 1844 Reserve, Arturo Fuente Don Carlos, and La Galera Habano are some popular choices.

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