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Medium-Bodied Cigars

Medium-body cigars strike a perfect balance. They are somewhat midway between full and mild cigars and contain a lower amount of nicotine than full cigars. Their blends have an average nicotine strength and lack the strength overload that comes with full cigars. These cigar leaves are obtained from the Seco (lowest) or Volado (middle) parts of a tobacco plant. The strength of these leaves varies from plant to plant and from region to region. Even though the strength does not necessarily determine the experience in terms of the heaviness of the smoke derived from the cigar, many of them are medium-bodied to mild-bodied. In fact, they are the commonest type of cigar strength that you would find.

Medium strength cigars have the most complexities of cigars. They feature a more intense flavor with varying ecstasy notes that bless the palates throughout the smoking session. Medium-body cigars are a little stronger and denser than mild ones. The strength of the cigars cannot be determined by merely looking at them and it does not depend on the color of the wrapper. It takes a certain level of experience to decipher the strength level, but fortunately, most cigars have their strength level described. Medium cigars have nicotine that you will be aware of as being there but will not affect you significantly. Therefore, they produce fewer body reactions. Without a doubt, they can be enjoyed by both novice smokers and aficionados. They are great for relaxing after a rich dessert. Arturo Fuente Short Story, Oliva G Series, and LFD Double Claro are some medium-bodied cigars you will readily find.

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