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Nicaragua Wrapper Cigars

Nicaragua is almost synonymous with cigars - the country produces some of the finest cigars and wrappers in the cigar market. The mere mention of Nicaragua produces a mouth-watering sensation and nostalgic feeling for cigar lovers. The rich cultural diversity and vast geographical terrain of volcanoes are deeply mirrored in every puff. Despite the socio-economic and political storms the country witnessed in the last century due to civil wars and hurricanes, it has remained one of the kings of premium cigar production in the world. Nicaraguan cigar wrappers are mostly produced in the highly volcanic Esteli and Jalapa Valley regions of the country. The rich soil and luxuriant climate contribute to the unique flavors and aromas of the leaves. Try the Nicaraguan cigar wrapper today!

These nutty wrappers soothe the palate with notes of cinnamon, cedar, black pepper, cocoa, and cayenne. Their medium to full-bodied flavors is highly paid for by dilettantes who love hearty smokes. These wrappers exist in various colors: the golden to dark brown natural color, the Colorado Maduro, and Oscuro. The Oscuro black-colored variety is gotten from the topmost part of the tobacco tree. These leaves are directly under the sun and are the most exposed to it. Due to the labor and time-consuming fermentation processes, they are rare to find. Padron Series, Davidoff Nicaragua, La Aurora 107 Nicaragua, La Flor Dominicana Coronado, and many other rated cigars have their richness blessed by a Nicaraguan wrapper.

Have a share in the greatness of Nicaragua by checking out our Nicaraguan cigars and wrappers. Learn about all cigar wrappers, and try them all. Explore all of our handmade cigars! Lastly, you may also return to the homepage.

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