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Machine Made Cigars $100+

Some machine-made cigars are competing with handmade cigars in terms of pricing - some may be over $100. These cigars are for cigar connoisseurs who want a change of taste from their usual handmade cigars. Cigars in this price range look classy and command respect. They are also a good gift choice. You will have great unforgettable experiences with them. La Flor Dominicana (LFD) Carajos Maduro is another delicacy from the LFD brand. The Petit-sized cigars have been carefully molded with Dominican wrappers and filled with estate-grown Ligero tobaccos. These parejo-shaped cigars give a medium to full-bodied experience. You will also find them in Natural and Oscuro shades. They often come in packs of 5s, containing 30 cigars.

Ashton cigars are historically known for excellence; this is also reflected in their Ashton Classic Esquire line. These expensive classics come in tins of 10 cigars, with 10 tins in a box. The cigars are perfectly wrapped in a tan-colored Connecticut Shade wrapper underneath which Dominican binders and fillers exist. The mild-bodied cigars give a subtle yet lovable experience. La Aurora Finos Tin are finely crafted machine-made cigars. The rich African soil is reflected in their Cameroon wrappers. The finest Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers are used with Ecuadorian binders to produce these fantastic cigars. Notes of cinnamon, spices, cocoa, and wood bless and linger on the palates for long. They come in tins with 10 cigars each, and a box contains 10 tins of cigars. Try a pack of these high-quality $100+ machine made cigars today.

Grab a feel of the cigar connoisseur's experience from our premium machine-made collection. Check out all handmade and machine made cigars. Lastly, you may also return to the homepage.

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