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Cigars by Packaging

Premium handmade cigars are sold in various packaging formats, including Packs, Tins, Boxes, Bundles, and Samplers. The cigar box is the most commonly produced by manufacturers. Cigar boxes usually contain 10-25 sticks of the same brand, blend, and size. We recommend buying an entire box of the same cigars only if you've already determined you like it or will be sharing it with friends.

Cigar packs are available in 5 packs and 10 packs. These are great for trying out a cigar you are unfamiliar with while not committing to a big cigar box purchase. Factories make packs in thin pocket-sized cardboard boxes. Cigar samplers are another form of cigar pack. A cigar sampler pack contains an assortment of different cigars to test out. Each cigar in a sampler pack may vary in brand, blend, strength, and size. Cigar Country offers packs in airtight bags with Boveda humidity control pouches.

Cigar tins are most commonly used for small cigars and cigarillos. A tin of cigars can contain 5-10-20 sticks depending on the size format. Cigar tins are made to fit in your shirt pocket and are handy when you want to grab a quick smoke. Many manufacturers also offer cigar bundles. Like most luxury products, a large portion of the cost is cigar packaging materials. You can lower the price if you remove the cigar box and package it in cellophane bundles. Cigar bundles come in packs of 5-10-20-25 sticks and are often associated with lower-cost cigars.

Whether you are looking for cigar boxes, packs, tins, bundles, or samplers, Cigar Country has the perfect packaging to suit your needs. Please browse through our complete portfolio and take advantage of our great deals today! Explore all of our handmade cigars! You may also return to the homepage.

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