La Flor Dominicana Chapter 1
La Flor Dominicana Chapter 1
La Flor Dominicana Chapter 1

La Flor Dominicana Chapter 1

La Flor Dominicana Chapter 1 Limited Edition Chisel Oscuro Cigar is the first cigar blended by Litto Gomez's son, Antonio "Tony" Gomez. The blend uses a Brazilian wrapper chosen for its very dark, rich flavor, a Connecticut binder that adds strength, and filler tobaccos from the LFD farm in the Dominican Republic. LFD Chapter 1 is a hefty box-pressed "Chisel" shaped cigar with a very attractive, dark wrapper. Spicy blend this one. La Flor Dominicana holds the patent for this cigar shape and recommends pinching the Chisel head instead of cutting it. Try this unique shape and blend today. You'll be excited to find these next time you open your humidor!

Product Type: Premium handmade cigars

Remarkable product attributes: LFD Chapter 1 is a hefty, chisel-shaped box-pressed cigar in a spicy and full-bodied blend.

Strength profile: Full body

Master Blender Tasting Notes: "The aroma makes me think of a baked chocolate dessert with a bit of pepper. A simple pinch of the cap opens the cigar and reveals an easy flow that has notes of chocolate and a touch of coffee."

Accolades: Cigar Country can't keep enough La Flor Dominicana Chapter 1 chisel on the shelves. This "Outstanding" powerful box-pressed chisel is so unique; there is simply no other cigar like it! Except maybe it's sequel, Capitulo 2.

Created in: 1996 Born in: Tamboril Made in: Dominican Republic Master Blenders: Litto & Antonio Gomez Owners: Litto & Ines Gomez

For more rare LFD Limitada options, please visit La Flor Dominicana Limited Edition.

Did you know?

LFD is perhaps one of the most innovative cigar brands in the world. For instance, LFD produces unique and now famous cigar shapes like Chapter One. The Chisel – the first cigar shape ever to be patented – has a wedge-shaped head, just like a chisel. You don't even need a cutter for this one. Just squeeze the tip from the sides, and you are ready to smoke.

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  • Shape
  • Ring Gauge
  • Length
    6 1/2

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  • Filler

    Dominican Republic

  • Binder

    Dominican Republic

  • Wrapper Type


  • Origin/Country

    Dominican Republic

  • Size


  • Flavored


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