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Corojo Wrapper Cigars

Corojo is a Cuban wrapper tobacco leaf named after the farm it was first grown on. The highly prized zesty leaf was present on almost all cigars from Cuba. It was exclusively used as a wrapper. Daniel Maria Rodriguez carefully nurtured the plant to produce an exceptional cigar wrapper valued three times more than others. However, the high susceptibility of the leaf to black molds and black shank disease led to the development of hybrid varieties. The oily silky wrapper is darker than Connecticut Shade. It gives a robust flavor with a spicy aroma that doesn't smoke easily. This gives a slow delightful smoking experience that cigar enthusiasts rave about.

Honduran Corojo is the most popular hybrid variety of Corojo wrappers. It is sweet, spicy, and offers tons of unique complexity. Cigars with this down-to-earth wrapper variety tend to be full-bodied and spicy with tons of earth, pepper, and a leathery finish. Corojo '99 is planted in Ecuador, Western Kentucky, and Nicaragua. Nicaraguan Corojo '99 is an Ecuador transplant of the original Corojo '99 with tons of complexity. Habano 2000, a hybrid cross between Corojo and milder Cuban tobacco, is grown in Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Honduras. A good example of this is Avo Heritage. Mexican San Andres is another Corojo that carries the spicy and earthy flavor of Mexican blends. It is in very limited quantities. The dark reddish-brown wrapper adds a deep nuttiness to the flavor. Try the Dominican Corojo wrapper with La Aurora Original Blend Corojo 1962 cigars!

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