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Nicaraguan Cigars

Nicaragua is the largest cigar-producing country in the world - the Central American country is home to notable cigar brands. Rocky Patel, Placencia, Padron, My Father, and Oliva are some of the Nicaraguan cigar brands. The country's wide cultural diversity and rich terrain of volcanoes contribute to the unique richness of every smoke. The highly volcanic soil produces strong binders and fillers. There are three main tobacco-growing regions in the country; Esteli, Jalapa, and Condega - all with distinct tastes and flavors. The Esteli valley has dense inky black soil yielding thick strong-flavored tobacco leaves. The valley location allows significant sun exposure, favoring strong-flavored Ligero binders and fillers and Sun-grown wrappers.

The Jalapa Valley is endowed with reddish-brown granular soil. It produces rich aromatic leaves that are good as wrappers. Condega Valley soil is cakey, rough, and rich in minerals. It produces leaves that are sweet and powerful with thin textures. Nicaraguan brand cigars are usually full-bodied and medium to full in strength. This is what makes them popular. They offer a complex, full-flavored experience with earthiness and richness that are unique to them. These cigars soothe the palates with notes of cedar, leather, espresso, beans, cayenne, dark chocolates, and spices. Nicaragua cigars are mostly made from wrappers from Connecticut, Ecuador, San Andres, Cuba, and Nicaragua. They are mostly blended from both local and imported tobacco leaves. 100% blended varietals from locally grown seeds called Nicaragua Puros are also common. Padrón 1964 Anniversary is a popular puro from Nicaragua.

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