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Machine Made Cigars

Explore Cigar Country’s collection of fine machine made cigars that are affordable and delicious. Considered by some as the cheap tobacco alternative to handmade cigars. Here you can find best-selling brands by the makers of Backwoods, Swisher flavors, Blank and Mild flavors, Casa de Garcia, Dutch Masters, and many more. Machine-made cigars come in many sizes, but the most popular are the cigarillo and demitasse. Both are considered small or mini cigars. Typically made with short filler tobaccos and in mass quantities, machine made cigars are usually less expensive, but can often resemble and be just as enjoyable as a handmade.

Cigar Country inventory is always fresh, and our selection is outstanding! These affordable ‘everyday’ smoking options make it incredibly easy to light up day in and day out. Please browse through our carefully curated selection, where you will surely find some of the best machine made cigars available online in natural and flavored varieties. Some of the most popular flavored varieties are black and mild flavors and swisher flavors. Dutch masters is also a great machine made option in a natural tobacco wrapper. Our favorite long-filler all-natural tobacco machine-made cigar in larger sizes is, without a doubt, Casa de Garcia.

We hope you enjoy these cigars as much as we enjoy bringing them to you. Don't miss out on the Caribbean's #1 selling flavored cigarillo Duho Sabores. Available in tins of 8 demitasse cigars in Vanilla, Natural Tobacco, and Cherry flavors. Check out handmade cigars as well!

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