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New Baby Cigars

Congratulations! It is time to light up some new personalized baby announcement cigars. There is no better way to welcome your newborn into the world than with your closest friends, family members, and quality cigars. Cigar Country offers the classic custom It’s a Boy and Girl cigars from a curated list of brands. Choose a personalized option that everyone will love, from world-famous blends by Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta. Herald your new arrival with the best new baby gifts available!

Cigar Country has taken the celebratory IT’S A BOY! and IT’S A GIRL! cigars to a different level. These personalized cigars come from an age in which we didn’t even know the sex of the newborn child until birth. We now know months in advance sex, name, and even approximate birthday. Commemorate these special occasions by including the name of the child and birth month or year in the customization.

Personalized cigar boxes are undeniably the perfect birthday gift for a friend, business associate, or relative that enjoys an occasional great smoke. You’ll be thanked many times over. Recipients will brag about their cigars for months!

A newborn represents the beginning of a new chapter in life and an official benchmark of adulthood. A new baby is a joyous occasion often celebrated with gifts for the mother. But what about the father? We believe the best gift to give to a new father is a cigar. We go beyond the traditional It’s a Boy and It’s a Girl with our unique personalized baby cigars printed with your baby’s name and date of birth.

Why gift custom-label cigars for new baby announcements?

The tradition of gifting cigars to commemorate the birth of a baby dates back to the 17th century. Back when we didn’t know the sex of the baby till birth. The presumption is that since fathers were not included in the delivery process, all they could do was wait around and smoke. Upon confirmation that the babies were born, the father would pass special cigars to celebrate the momentous occasion. The tradition is still alive today, and handing out cigars to friends, family members, and colleagues is still the classiest way to memorialize the arrival of a new baby.

Can't wait to celebrate? Grab one of these picks to hand out as baby shower cigars. Here, you will find the best picks for Baby Cigars on the market. Including the ability to customize your own. Check out all of our customizable cigars. Return to the homepage.

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