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Large Humidors (150+ Capacity)

Are you a collector, a cigar aficionado, or an owner of a cigar store? Chances are you need a humidor large enough to keep your cigars. To keep them away from mold and prevent turning them into ash-tasting pieces of dry leaves. The options available to you ranges from purely wood-made humidors that are perfect for the old-fashioned classic look in your den. If cigars are your business, but you are yet to migrate to a walk-in-sized humidor, then the glass-framed humidors are perfect for you. They give your customers a 360 degrees view of your cigars as they make their pick. Explore our selection of large-capacity humidors today!

The Marciano Humidor Cabinet has enough room to fit 250 cigars. You can place this on a desk or table. They provide a 360 degrees view of the cigars via the surrounding glasses. It has three removable angled cedar trays, each with two dividers. There is also a lock and key for added security. The hygrometer is also outside the glasses so that you can easily monitor the conditions inside the cabinet. If you prefer the classic look and would rather keep your cigars safe without showing them off, you should consider Adorini Chianti Grande Deluxe. This humidor is made from a high-quality lacquer wood finish in high gloss. The humidor has seven drawers, each with seven horizontal dividers. It has a glass door, but the cigars are well locked inside the drawers. In addition, the Adorini Chianti is lined with Spanish cedar wood. This combines with the Adorini humidification and hair hygrometer to provide your cigars with a perfect environment.

Browse through our collection today for your large-capacity humidors. Either for personal or commercial use. While you're here, check out all of the cigar accessories available at Cigar Country. Then, explore our vast array of handmade cigars. Lastly, you may return to the homepage.

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