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Don Lucas Cigars

Don Lucas Cigars, the most visited cigar factory in Punta Cana, is finally available to buy online at Cigar Country. Now you don't have to travel to the Dominican Republic to get yours. Distribution for this handmade cigar is limited, so you probably won't find Don Lucas cigars in the USA. The creator, Mr. Philippe Gillet, visited the Dominican Republic for the first time in 1990, finding not only great weather and beautiful beaches but also some of the world’s finest cigars! Two years later, he went back to the Dominican Republic with his biggest passion in mind "Create a Cigar Brand". Settling in Punta Cana, far from where tobacco is grown but at the center of the Caribbean's most popular tourist destination, Don Lucas started rolling cigars with only 2 cigar rollers. Find Don Lucas Cigars at the best price for sale online.

Today, Don Lucas produces various shapes and sizes in five different blends to satisfy the most discerning palates. Don Lucas has flourished in the market by producing “quality over quantity”. Still, family-owned and operated by Phillipe's son Gregory. In fact, the limited cigar production ensures the highest standards of quality. Golf and Travel Magazine has ranked Don Lucas in the top 12 cigars brands of the Dominican Republic. Don Lucas Cigars began as a boutique handmade premium brand and has transitioned into becoming a major tourist attraction. Call for a free tour if you are ever in that part of DR. Perhaps the most visited Cigar Factory in the Dominican Republic, now you don't have to travel to Punta Cana to get yours. So buy Don Lucas cigars for sale online!

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Please narrow your search using our filtered search options or navigate each blend to see which flavor profile or size would suit you best. If you are looking for mild to medium-bodied Don Lucas, you might want to try the popular Classic or House Series blends. Interested in a full-body premium, then the A.L. Series might be a good fit. For special limited edition cigars, visit 20th Anniversary and Family Reserve. Still not sure what you are looking for and want to try out an assortment of blends? Then go to Don Lucas Samplers. Lastly, you may return to the homepage.

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