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Criollo Wrapper Cigars

Also known as the "native seed,” Criollo tobacco seed is the genetic basis for all the seeds cultivated in Cuba. This native Cuban tobacco is believed to have emerged during the days of Christopher Columbus. Today, the Criollo cigar leaf is not confined to only Cuba. The term now includes criollo grown in other parts of the world, including its hybrid variety, criollo'98. The earth of Nicaragua, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico grow this seed pretty well. Criollo cigar wrappers have many flavors depending on the earth and climate of the region. Originally, criollo was sun-grown and used for all parts of cigars, including the wrapper. Better wrappers were found, and Criollo was used mostly as fillers. Later, it was discovered that Criollo leaf under shades in Nicaragua made good cigar wrappers, hence, its re-emergence as a one.

Nicaragua Criollo is grown in two distinct regions of the island, Esteli, and Jalapa, with distinct profiles. The Esteli variety is nutty and earthy, while the Jalapa strain has a notable sweetness. Kristoff criollo and Te-Amo World Selection Series cigars are some of the notable brands that use this criollo. It is medium to full-bodied strength with a smooth finishing. The creamier and smoother Honduran cousin is also found with top-notch cigars. Its popular strain criollo'98 completes the affluence of many handcrafted cigars. It is medium-bodied with the goodness of earthy, meaty taste. San Andres Criollo, rich in the earthy spicy flavor of Mexico blends, is also featured in powerful stogies. These cigars tend to offer a full-bodied experience with notes of cedar, molasses, light coffee, and leather.

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