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Mexican San Andres Wrapper Cigars

The San Andres Valley in Veracruz, Mexico, is the largest supplier of Mexican wrapper tobacco. The dense fertile volcanic soil with the humid climate in the valley creates an ideal environment for these unique flavored San Andres wrappers. The stalk-cut leaves tend to withstand higher temperatures and have a longer curing time. This results in tougher, darker, and earthier flavored wrappers. These natural qualities make them ideal for making Maduro cigars. They can be medium to full-bodied depending on the binder and filler used. The full glory of these San Andres cigar wrapper leaves is most appreciated with bolder blends. They work best with them as compared to lighter blends. It is well-balanced with fillers and binders from Nicaragua, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, and Honduras.

Mexican San Andres cigar wrapper tobaccos, like many other tobaccos, come in different shades and tastes. These characteristics depend on the curing process, the region's climate, soil, and the interior tobacco used. These wrappers have both sweet and spicy nuttiness. The lighter-colored San Andrés Cubano has more peppery spice and less sweetness than the Maduro variety. The more common dark San Andrés Maduro variety has subtle notes described as moist earth, woody, clay, and toasty nuttiness. It could be described as sweet and spicy. Many premium blends of cigars share in the greatness of San Andres wrappers. La Flor Dominicana La Volcada Churchill, and Olivia V Serie Maduro are famous cigars that use Mexican San Andres wrappers.

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