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Toro Cigars

Toro cigars are traditionally about 5 ⅝ to 6 inches long and have a ring gauge size of 46. However, some sticks as long as 6 1/2 inches and as thick as 54 in ring gauge have been named Toro. This often depends on the brand and country of origin. There are also Double and Gran Toro cigars. These straight-sided cigars are comparable to their close relative, the Robusto cigars. The Toros are about an inch longer and thicker than the Robustos. Because of this, the first half of the Toros is less strong compared to the Robustos.

Like Robusto, the wrapper plays a less significant role in determining the taste profile and smoking experience. Toasted flavours gently hit the palates as they burn slowly for 45mins to an hour, giving a long period of desirable experiences. Toro cigars are loved by the "big-men." They are the perfect size, neither too small nor too big. Yet they are not too intimidating but yet speak volumes of class and strength. These cigars are perfect for an evening game at the casino. They rank behind Robustos in popularity but don't fret, many of them have been rated highly. Oliva Connecticut Reserve Toro, Ashton Cabinet Selection No. 7, and Davidoff Millennium Blend Toro are some cigar aficionados rated Toro cigars that are worth trying.

Check out our store today to try Toro premium cigars, whether traditional, double or gran. Check out all cigar sizes and shapes. Explore all of our handmade cigars! Lastly, you may also return to the homepage.

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