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Honduran Cigars

Honduras is the 3rd largest cigar exporter in Latin America. Premium brands such as Alec Bradley, Romeo y Julieta, and Punch have their roots in Honduras. Like its neighboring countries, Honduras is blessed with mineral-rich volcanic soil and a favorable climate for growing premium tobacco leaves. Copan, Jamastran Valley, and Talanga Valley are the country's main tobacco-growing areas. They all have unique leaves grown on them. Copa has cool nights and warm days with a favorable humidity of 700 meters that encourages the tobacco leaves to thrive. Copaneco, a native tobacco seed, is grown there. Today, the area flourishes with Criollo'98 and Corojo'99 tobacco seeds. These leaves are used for binders, fillers, and wrappers. These are used to produce full-bodied Honduran cigars. Try Honduran cigars - for sale here!

The Jamastran Valley is the main tobacco-growing area of the country with incredibly fertile soil. It produces the Corojo and Connecticut shade-grown wrappers, sometimes called Honduran wrappers. Sun-grown fillers are also produced there. Cigars produced from the valley are full-bodied with a spicy and earthy flavor. The windy Talanga Valley tobacco leaves are grown with the encallado method. Here, the plants are grown under tents with rows of king grass surrounding the areas to protect the delicate leaves. The majority of the leaves there are shade-grown from Connecticut or Cuban. Cigars made in Honduras are notable for their smooth, earthy, and peppery flavors with notes of cedar, nuts, grass, cream, butter, and cocoa. These Honduran brand cigars are very flavourful with varying degrees of strength.

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