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Ashtrays Under $25

Cigar ashtrays make your smoking experience enjoyable. But, it doesn't always have to be a luxury. With under $25, you can get a sophisticated ashtray of different materials and shapes that gets the job done. The materials range from ceramic, glass, crafted wood, plastic, and metals to marble or stone. Triangles, rectangles, squares, and cylindrical shapes are some of the shapes they are molded into. The choice is limitless. To achieve its function as a cigar holder, they have been contoured to have two, three, four, or even six cigar rests. If smoking alone is what you want, an ashtray with two cigar rests would be OK. But, if you consider your friends or family in your purchasing decisions, the others may be an option.

If you have My Father cigars in your humidor, you should consider getting one of My Father Ashtray to complement your smoking experience. The ashtrays are in varying colors of navy blue, black, red, and gold. The 4-cigar rest ashtrays are squared with an 8.5" × 8.5" × 2" dimension. Their plastic materials make them durable, easy to clean, and unbreakable. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. Craftsman's Bench Olympus Ashtrays are beautiful and classy. With less than $25, the round and shiny black ceramic ashtray can be yours. With a depth of 1 ¼" and 8 ¼" in diameter, they can accommodate four 54-ring-sized cigars.

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