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Cigars by Shape

There seems to be confusion between cigar shapes and sizes (and their names). Shape refers to the external outline or contour of a cigar, while size indicates the dimensions (Ring Gauge x Length) of a particular cigar. To learn more about sizes and their various names, please visit cigars by size. Any cigar shape can be classified into one of two types: either a Parejo or Figurado.

Two Types of Cigar Shapes

Parejos Parejos are straight-sided cigars; most have an open foot for lighting and need to be cut before smoking. They may be round (cylindrical) or box-pressed, meaning that the sides of the cigar were pressed square before packing or, in some cases, by pressure in the box. You can find all below in our Parejo Cigars section. You may also choose to see what we have on Parejo Box Pressed Cigars.

Figurados Although the majority of cigars are Parejos, a growing number of cigar brands are broadening their portfolios with more creatively shaped smokes. These cigars are called Figurados, and they include any cigar that is not a straight-sided cylinder. Although cigarmakers' interpretations of the forms vary as widely as the blends inside their cigars, they mostly agree with the traditional ones found in our Figurado Cigars section.

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