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Connecticut Wrapper Cigars

The Connecticut River Valley is the home of two major types of cigar wrappers, Broadleaf and Shade. Although they grow side by side in the valley, Shade is smooth, while broadleaf is tough and grizzled. While Shade plants are tall and slender, Broadleafs are short and dumpy. Connecticut Shade, like the name implies, is grown under shades made of nylon or cloth to filter off the sun’s rays. The process leads to producing a thin, supple leaf with very thin veins. The leaf has a distinctive golden-brown color and a mild welcoming taste profile. Connecticut Broadleaf is grown in direct sunlight. They grow thick leaves with big veins coursing through them. The process of harvesting and aging also makes them quite expensive. However, it makes up for the price with its arsenal of taste, often described as having the best flavor.

The trademark of the Connecticut Shade wrapper is the creamy and approachable flavor profile it possesses. It blesses the palate with notes of nuts, cedar, and coffee beans. This taste and its oily golden-brown sheen are factors that endear the cigars made from it to cigar aficionados. The broadleaf, on the other hand, has a heavy, muscular flavor. When you smoke a cigar wrapped in broadleaf, you'll taste minerals, leather, and steel. It is not subtle. Connecticut Shade is wrapped around premium brands like Davidoff, Macanudo, Ashton, Montecristo, and many high-quality cigars. Connecticut Broadleaf houses cigars like La Aurora Preferidos 1903 Edition Broadleaf and ACID Plush Robusto.

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