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Ashtrays By Material

There are thousands of ashtrays out there made from different materials. Ashtray materials determine not only the designs but also the price, durability, and maintenance. Ashtrays are commonly made from fire and heat-resistant materials. These include glass, ceramic, metals, silicone, resins, wood, stone, and plastics. The properties of each of these materials are reflected on the individual ashtrays. Metal ashtrays are perhaps the cheapest ashtrays. They are made from thin sheets of metals such as iron and aluminum. These ashtrays are very durable, easy to clean, and unbreakable. Superb designs with cool colors have been made over the years, like the Stinky Cigar Tall Ashtray.

Ceramic ashtrays are also very popular. An example is the LFD Andalusian Bull Ashtray. These ashtrays have some of the coolest designs and structures. Apart from being ashtrays, they are good decorative materials. They are also good for outdoor use due to their windproof ability. But be extra careful with them as they can easily break. You might wonder how wood will make a good ashtray, but ashtrays crafted from wood have been known to have unique designs and architecture. Wood ashtrays have stunning designs, are durable, easy to maintain, and windproof. However, they may not be suitable to carry about due to their weight. A very good example of how elegant wooden ashtrays can be is the La Flor Dominicana La Nox 4-Cigar Ashtray that comes with LFD La Nox Toro cigars. Plastic ashtrays are perhaps the easiest ashtrays to maintain. They last long and can be used anywhere. The Xikar Burnout Ashtray is a good choice for a plastic ashtray.

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