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Medium Humidors (50-150 Capacity)

Looking for a medium-sized cigar humidor? Humidors keep your cigars in pristine condition for long-term storage. They range in size and storage capacity. The choices are limitless, from smaller ones with spaces for less than 50 cigars to walk-in humidors in cigar stores. As your cigar collection grows, so does your need for more humidor real estate. If you started with one that has less than 50 capacity, this is the perfect time to switch it up. Humidors almost triple this size allow you to store your favorite brands of cigars. You can even start your collection of rare cigars with this amount of space available to you.

With a medium-sized capacity for 100 cigars, the Cohiba 55 Humidor is a collector’s dream. Released to celebrate Cohiba's 55th anniversary. It was handmade using lacquered and bosse wood. This humidor uses a removable Boveda humidification system. It comes with an analog hygrometer, a set of keys, and a lock for added security. The Prestige Monte Carlo Humidor is another sophisticated humidor with a capacity for up to 120 cigars. It is made from cherry wood with a matt finish to give it an opulence appearance. The interior is lined with cedar wood for maximum humidity control. It also has a Humidor starter pack of hygrometers, humidifiers, cigar cutters, and humidification solutions.

Have you been thinking of increasing the size of your cigar collection? Head to our cigar accessory collection to pick a humidor with a bigger capacity to fit. While you're here, check out all of the cigar accessories available at Cigar Country. Then, explore our vast array of handmade cigars. Lastly, you may return to the homepage.

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