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Guillotine Cutters

You might have guessed how a guillotine cigar cutter works from its name. It was modeled after the guillotine used during the French Revolution to execute traitors. Guillotine cutters, also known as straight cutters, are the most common cigar cutters. They have either a single or double blade. They make a precise cut across the cap of the cigar. These blades are usually extremely sharp to give the smoothest cut and are housed in sturdy frames. These frames are made with a varying number of materials. Plastics and metals are the most common.

Most straight cutters have blades that open up to unveil an opening where the cigar head is positioned. With these cutters, you end up with the easiest and coolest of draws. They can be used for any size and shape of a cigar. However, most guillotine cutters are suitable for the common sizes of cigars. Fat cigars are now receiving recognition, many brands are beginning to make extra-wide cutters to accommodate 60 to 80 ring-gauge cigars. Guillotine cutters are pretty easy to use. Their simple design requires no special skill for use. But, the hack to using them correctly is to cut through above the cigar cap, not below. Some of these cutters' openings come with a closed back to regulate the length of the cigar you can insert. Some straight cutters you should consider getting include Cigar Countrys' Perfect Cut Cigar Cutter, which is a double guillotine cutter, and the Single Blade Cutter. You can also consider XIKAR Enso Cigar Cutter or XIKAR Xi Cigar Cutter.

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