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Boxes & Packs of 10+

Boxes and packs of 10+ are 10 or more premium cigars packed in a convenient package or a small box. A 10-pack is an incredible way to try and buy cigars online. They also allow you the freedom of sampling premium blends without the financial constraints of commuting to a whole box. Premium cigars have found a new marketplace in online stores instead of the conventional walk to the humidor to pick out a box. This has exposed smokers to a lot of variety. You often end up with many cigars you want to try out so packs of 10 are most helpful in this regard. You can buy five packs of 10 different blends instead of a box of 50. Also, if you are looking to increase your stash while scoring full-box discounts without buying a full box, packs of 10 are the answer.

Furthermore, 10-packs are great for experimenting with new lines and sharing with friends. Almost all the top brands offer their premium hand-rolled cigars in 10-packs. ACID Loud Sampler, Fuente Hemingway Classic, LFD La Nox Toro, and La Habanera Emperadores are some popular 10-packs. Ashton Cabinet Selection No. 1 in particular highlights the beauty of the 10-pack cigars in a wooden box. This Dominican Republic made sampler introduces you to the Cabinet Selection family. Without a doubt, a perfect way to add some Ashton Perfectos to your stash. Surf through our diverse portfolio of cigars to score some amazing smokes at an incredible value!

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