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Humidors By Brand

After choosing your favorite box of premium cigars, the next question is how to preserve your favorite cigars with the right brand of humidor since you can't smoke them all in one go. Cigars need specific temperatures and moisture levels to keep them fresh for long-term storage, and humidors are specially designed to preserve their aromas and taste. Without these devices, your cigars will lose quality in less than 14 days. Like the number of cigar brands available, there are also numerous notable humidor brands. Boveda, Palio, Xikar, Davidoff, Remington, Thompson, Bally, Elie Bleu, and Aristocrat are common brands. They all produce different humidors to meet your need. They can fit into your pocket or as large as a walk-in closet. Some premium cigar makers ventured into the world of humidor production.

The Xikar travel humidor is one of the smaller portable humidors. A business trip should not keep you away from your favorite cigars. The humidor can hold between 5 to 20 cigars. The lid closes snugly, which makes it airtight, crushproof, and waterproof. Apart from serving the purpose of preserving your cigars, humidors can also be a statement decor piece. Some come in fancy wood materials with a see-through glass lid that allows you to show off your collection without ever cranking them open. Elie Bleu is often regarded as the best humidor manufacturer. They are a French company that has been operating since 1976. Some of their models include the Madaille, Che Guevara, Vegas, and Flor de Alba. Buy now!

Our collection is full of diverse groups of humidors; swing back today to find one that meets your specific need. You should also read our article on maintaining the right humidity levels within your humidor. While you're here, check out all of the cigar accessories available at Cigar Country. Then, explore our vast array of handmade cigars. Lastly, you may return to the homepage.

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