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Boxes & Packs of 20+

Many cigars come in boxes of 20 or more. Packaging in boxes dates back to the 19th century when boxes were used solely as a form of protection for cigars. Today, companies spend a lot of money on branding and boxes to serve both protective and aesthetic functions. The aesthetics of the boxes add to the overall experience and grab attention. These boxes usually come with 20, 25 and 50, and even 100 sticks. They are either dress boxes made from cedar plywood or the more expensive cabinet boxes made from cedar or mahogany. Cigars in dress boxes are laid in 3 rows of eight, nine, and eight cigars.

Boxes are now being refined to suit tastes and can be personalized. We now have cigar box guitars, purses, jewelry boxes, and so on. You can also get customized cigar boxes for any party or as gifts. The overall experience they provide you and your guests is reversing. The 20 + box of cigars is cost-effective as compared to buying cigars individually. They can be shared amongst friends and colleagues. Also, if you already have a cigar you love, getting a 20 or more is not a bad idea. Ashton Aged Maduro No. 60 comes in boxes of 25 that provide a mild to medium-bodied experience. It goes well with rum or cognac.

Share a good experience with your friends by getting sufficient cigars from our wide collection. Check out all other forms of packaging. Explore all of our handmade cigars! You may also return to the homepage.

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