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Feel Good Giving Back

Giving Back: What we do

The public school system in the Dominican Republic produces the lowest educational outcomes in Latin America; 49% of students do not move on to secondary school.

At Cigar Country, we dream about living on an Island Paradise where all children and youth in the Dominican Republic will have equal opportunities to learn and realize their full potential through transformative education programs that combat the effects of poverty.

We believe that learning changes lives for the better. Cigar Country supports high-quality early education programs, empowering at-risk children and youth to create a better future for themselves and their families through education, youth development, and community enrichment.

To ensure successful results, we have partnered with the most capable and committed non-profit organizations in the Dominican Republic: Hogar del Niño in our local community and the DREAM Project at a national level. Their innovative educational approaches effectively address local needs.

Thanks to the support of our friends, customers, and partners in the industry, we have been able to donate more than 500,000.00 dollars towards both institutions and their Montessori Early Education Programs.

For more info about the DREAM Project and its transformative education programs, please visit

For more info about Hogar del Niño, please visit

Giving Back: Cigar Country Sponsored Montessori Classrooms

Did you know that over 85% of our brains develop before 5 years of age? We believe that starting early provides the best educational foundation for a lifetime of learning. Early childhood education is key to providing children with a head start.

Giving Back: Our numbers

  • 12 outfitted sponsored Montessori classrooms
  • 800+ students enrolled
  • 8 communities reached
  • 100% of Montessori students demonstrated improved communication skills