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Cigar Country Cutters

Looking to represent the Cigar Country brand while still delivering the perfect cut? The Cigar Country cutters are perfect for both beginners and experienced cigar smokers. They are crafted for superior control and comfort, featuring finger rests and the beautiful Cigar Country logo. As they are designed to be used with an array of cigars, these cutters cut between sixty to eighty ring gauges. The surgical stainless steel blades allow for precise cuts, available in both guillotine and v-cut styles. The Cigar Country cutters are undoubtedly dependable and will consistently deliver the perfect cut every time - we guarantee it. Represent your favorite brand and buy these cutters today!

The Perfect Cut cutter is a double-guillotine-style accessory. It is perfect for cigars with a round head and 60-80 ring gauges. The Single Blade cutter, as the name suggests, is a single-blade guillotine-style cutter. It cuts up to 60 ring gauges and is meant for heavy and repeated use. Lastly, the Single Blade V cutter delivers a v-style cut for cigars up to 54 ring gauges. It'll last you a lifetime as it features self-sharpening blades. Depending on your smoking needs and habits, one of these may be more suitable for you than the others. Check them all out and find the perfect one for you! Available here, online, at Cigar Country!

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