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Glass Top Humidors

Interested in glass-top humidors? The internal environment of your humidor needs to be kept at a constant level (usually 70% humidity) to preserve your premium cigars. However, the classical designs of wooden humidors demand that you pop them open whenever you need to take a peek at them. Glass top humidors eliminate this risk and allow you to visualize your cigars right there in the box. Now, you can show off your fantastic cigars collection to your buddies without disturbing your cigars. Also, if you own a small smoke shop, you should consider investing in one of these. They save you from exposing your cigars every time a customer wants to have a look.

The VegaFina Promotional Humidor is a sophisticated glass top humidor with a capacity for 20 cigars. It has a sleek white finish. A glass pane tops it, allowing you to show off your collection without opening the lid. The design is airtight, watertight, and crushproof and features a stainless steel hinge and latches hinges for added security. The Marciano Humidor Cabinet has enough room to fit 250 cigars. You can place this on the countertop of a small retail shop. The humidor provides a 360 degrees view of the cigars via the surrounding glasses. It has three removable angled cedar trays, each with two dividers. There is also a lock and key for added security. The hygrometer is also outside the glasses so that you can easily monitor the conditions inside the cabinet.

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