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Punch Cutters

Punch cutters punch a hole in the head of your cigar, as their name implies. They have razor-sharp cylindrical blades. Some punch cutters are called bullet cutters. They are smaller than traditional punch cutters and resemble a bullet. Generally, punch cutters make the smoke more concentrated with flavors and add to its intensity. Punch and bullet cutters lead to tighter draws. This is why aficionados love them. However, some punch cutters have enlarged circumference for smokers who want a more loose draw. Punch cutters have apertures of varying sizes to accommodate slim or fat cigars. But, they work with the Parejos and not the Figurados. So, if you are a fan of Torpedos or Belicosos, you'd better stick with a straight cutter. Try a punch cigar cutter today!

These cutters are quite easy to use; all you are required is to twist the blade gently into the cigar head. A pro-tip is that punch cutters do not need as much force of application as guillotine cutters. Too much force can ruin the cigar. The XIKAR 11mm Twist Punch Cigar Cutter is one of the finest punch cutters you can lay your hands on. It can punch 33-ring-gauge and above cigars. It has an 11mm stainless steel blade and makes an equivalent dimension of hole. It comes with XIKAR limited lifetime warranty. The Bullet Punch with Plunger CC-433S is another easy-to-use punch cutter with an ejector and key ring.

Shop our cigar accessories collection for punch cutters that match your style, personality, and budget. While you're here, check out all of the cigar accessories and cutter brands available at Cigar Country. Then, explore our vast array of handmade cigars. Lastly, you may return to the homepage.

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