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Xikar Ashtrays

Enhance your smoking experience with a Xikar Ashtray. No smoking experience is complete without an ashtray, and this is one of the best brands that can satisfy that need. Their cigar ashtrays are the perfect way to keep your smoking area clean by avoiding an ashy mess. The sturdy construction means they'll last for many years, and the timeless design will ensure that they'll never go out of style. Your premium cigars deserve premium ashtrays, and Xikar is undoubtedly a premium brand. Check out their ashtrays, and see why this brand is world-renowned.

The Xikar Burnout Cigar Ashtray is a high-quality glass-coated melamine ashtray with a removable metal chrome lid. The lid keeps your ash from flying away and creating a huge mess. It is durable, weather-resistant, and easy to clean. It can also fit up to six cigars, making it perfect for large parties or gatherings. The sleek design makes it versatile as it can either easily blend in or become the centerpiece, depending on your preference. It is without a doubt one of the best cigar ashtrays on the market. Available at Cigar Country at the best price! Each Xikar ashtray comes with the brand's limited lifetime warranty. If anything happens, they've got your back. Another great reason to buy a Xikar brand ashtray.

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