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Figurado Cigars

Figurado is the general category for shaped cigars that have tapers and curves - any cigar that does not have straight sides. This group includes belicosos, torpedos, perfectos, pyramids, and culebras. Any other cigar outside this bracket is called a parejo. They are a luxury; they are also very difficult to roll. The best-trained torcedores in the factory are saddled with the responsibility of rolling them. This extra attention means that the Figurados command a little more cash than your regular cylindrical-shaped parejos. However, they are worth every penny. There are several reasons why these shapely cigars are beloved by seasoned smokers. Firstly, they are a more pleasurable experience than their Parejo counterparts.

Also, a smoking session of Figurado-shaped cigar is a journey of flavors. The ring size variations between the foot and the bead provide a scintillating trip of notes for your palate. They evolve continuously in their flavor profiles with sudden shifts in flavor and draws. The evolving tasting note is a demerit to some smokers as they prefer to stay in a “sweet spot” till the end of their cigar. Also, some novices struggle to light and keep Figurado-shaped cigars evenly lit through their smoking sessions. This asymmetry can sometimes lead to “canoeing” when the cigars burn unevenly on one side. Apart from these little hiccups, figurados are perfect. Recently, they have been a constant feature on the list of top cigars by Cigar Aficionado. Padron 1964 Anniversary Series Pyramide Maduro is an example of a Figurado that stands out in design. Other premium brands like Ashton, Davidoff, LFD, and Romeo y Julieta offer their best blends in a Figurado cigar shape.

Whether you are a seasoned smoker or a novice trying to level up your smoking experiences, our collection offers you the best picks. Check out all cigar shapes. Explore all of our handmade cigars! You may also return to the homepage.

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