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Looking for the perfect addition to your cigar collection? Search no further. Cigar Country has the best selection of premium ashtrays for you to buy. Ashtrays are precious cigar accessories that not only help or enhance the smoking experience but also help maintain a healthy environment by minimizing the litter from the cigar ash. Ashtrays play an essential role in helping to preserve the taste of the cigar and aid the pleasure of slow smoking- as you can place the cigar in the ashtray to keep it cool and resist the urge to keep puffing. The brands of ashtrays available are the Xikar ashtray, Stinky ashtrays, and the La Flor Dominicana (LFD) ashtray. The Xikar Burnout Ashtray is made of a metal cover and an oversized ashtray, making it easy to clean.

The Stinky ashtrays are designed in a bowl shape, giving the convenience of not having to empty the ashtray for a long time, and because it is made of metal, it is durable and would not break. The LFD Andalusian Bull Ashtray is perfect for resting your Andalusian bull cigar made of durable ceramic in an oval shape that gives a prestigious aura. These ashtrays generally have two fingers, three, four, or six fingers, holding the respective number of cigars at once. While an ashtray with two fingers might be suitable for a lone smoke, one with six fingers is best suited for smoking with a company of friends, providing you with choices that depend on the intended use of the ashtray. With all these benefits, the ashtrays are still very affordable, with prices under $25 and above $25, giving you the best quality at any price range.

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