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Sumatra Wrapper Cigars

These wrappers are made from tobacco plants grown from the Sumatra seed. The plants are originally native to the Indonesian island of Sumatra. However, the seeds are now grown to great success everywhere, most notably in Ecuador. These climate and regional soil differences have produced many distinct flavors. The Sumatra seeds are grown under cloud covers in South American countries like Honduras and Nicaragua. However, Ecuador is still the star of the Sumatra wrapper show. The Olivia Tobacco Company exclusively grows the Ecuadorian Sumatra leaves. It is often considered that Sumatra tobacco grown in Ecuador is the best version of Sumatra tobacco. A majority of premium cigar brands use the Ecuador Sumatra cigar wrapper.

Generally, the Sumatra cigar wrapper offers tasting notes of white pepper and spice, giving it a punchy flavor. However, the Indonesian Sumatra is milder and less flavorful; it is often used for bargain cigars. On the other hand, Ecuadorian Sumatra is richer and has a bolder flavor profile. It usually blends into a medium-full-bodied smoke with a punchy and complex taste profile. In these cigars, you will get notes of cinnamon, earth, and floral with a slightly sweet aftertaste. Ecuadorian Sumatra wrappers are used in premium blends like La Aurora Preferidos 1903 Ecuador Sumatra and Undercrown Sun Grown. The much-acclaimed Ashton VSG also uses this wrapper. The Dominicana Romeo y Julieta 1875 cigars, the original line, uses the Indonesian Sumatra wrapper.

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