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Cigars by Country of Origin

Which country makes the best cigars and grows the best tobacco? That is like asking which country makes the best wines. Terroir and technique affect the taste and aroma of tobacco. Yes, there are specific quality standards premium cigars must meet. But, there are also subjective and personal preference issues involved. Although Cigar Country started by offering Dominican cigars, we now carry all the best cigar brands by country of origin. We only provide world-renowned brands that meet the strictest quality standards, so we can guarantee all our products. If you are not happy with your cigar purchase, send them back to us. We’ll smoke them!

Does the country of origin matter? Different countries grow different types of tobaccos with varying profiles of flavor, and they are all critical in the final blend of a cigar. Although cigar ratings are a good guide in picking a new cigar, the best way to determine which cigar origin is suitable for you is by trying out different cigars by country of origin.

Do cigars from one region all taste the same? No, they do not! Remember, there are over 50 varieties of tobacco with an array of flavor and strength profiles. Some types prosper better in particular countries, but they can be grown in most tobacco regions. There are a lot of generalizations when it comes to geographical areas and cigar making. One common one is, “Dominican cigars are all mild.” Two of the most full-bodied cigars globally are produced in the Dominican Republic: LFD Cigars and OpusX. A cigar’s strength is determined by the seed variety used, and the fermentation and aging process used to process the tobacco. Not country of origin.

Geography and climate can greatly affect tobacco and how they taste when they are fermented, aged, and rolled. Tobacco seeds are grown in different parts of the world end up taking on characteristics of the region in which they are grown. This is called terroir. The term terroir refers to soil composition, sun exposure, rain, and fluctuations in temperature. It is mostly referred to for its impact on winemaking, but the same can be said for tobacco.

What does “country of origin” mean in a globalized world? When a cigar is “made in” a specific country, it is rolled and produced in that country. The factory is located in that country, and while it will have tobacco from that particular country, that does not necessarily mean that all the tobacco comes from the same country. Except for Cuban Cigars, which are puro cigars, meaning all tobacco comes from one country (Cuba), most cigars you have the opportunity to purchase include tobacco from many different regions all over the world. That is what makes cigars from areas outside of Cuba great; they have an arsenal of tobaccos to vary a blend’s flavors and strengths.

Which country makes the best cigars? In our humble opinion: The Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Honduras make the best cigars. Choosing just one is like picking a favorite kid!

These three countries are the best because they have a passion for making cigars and a commitment to quality. The American marketplace demands a quality product, and they are consistently providing. All three of them are better than the old standard of Cuba in consistency and quality of production. You are getting great complexity and different levels of flavor and strength when selecting sticks from these countries.

In this section, you may browse our cigars by country. Enjoy the list of cigars we’ve curated by origin and brands. Explore all of our handmade cigars. You may also return to the homepage.

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