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Flavored Wrapper Cigars

Cigars made from flavored wrappers are also called infused cigars. They bring so much polarity to the cigar community. You either love or hate them; there seems to be no in-between. This doesn’t have to be since they serve their purpose and offer premium cigars to their lovers. However, you should probably note that hand-rolled flavored cigars (infused cigars) are different from cheap flavored cigars. Infused cigars are top-rated among people who prefer cigars with a sweet taste and aroma. The flavors range from chocolate, coffee, vanilla, bourbon, cherry, and so on. Many cigar novices smoke flavored wrapper cigars before graduating to premium non-flavored brands.

The production of these cigars starts like every other premium cigar; they all go through a hand-rolling process. They are placed in a chamber where the flavors to be infused are released and absorbed by the cigars. They are then aged, packaged, and sent off, just like any premium cigars you know. Flavored cigars deliver targeted tasting notes based on the flavors infused in them. These notes result from the syrups, oils, and extracts sprayed on or absorbed by the tobacco. Even if you don’t smoke them, you must appreciate what they bring to the cigar world. They serve as an introduction to cigars for newbies. This helps recruit a new generation of cigar enthusiasts to keep the culture going. Some of the top brands that use this technique to produce premium hand-rolled cigars are CAO and ACID by Drew Estate.

If you are in the market for premium flavored wrapper cigars, or you want to give them a trial, go through our collection today to pick up a box. Learn about all cigar wrappers, and try them all. Explore all of our handmade cigars! Lastly, you may also return to the homepage.

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