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Ecuadorian Cigars

Ecuador is renowned for its rich volcanic region and cloudy climate. These provide the perfect growing conditions for tobacco leaves. The country has a longer growing season and cheaper labor costs, making it more attractive to cigar companies. Ecuador leaves are mainly used as wrappers. However, the leaves also produce wonderful fillers and binders. The natural shade provided by the thick clouds produces exceptional wrappers. However, both shade-grown and sun-grown leaves are produced there. Ecuador Connecticut, Ecuador Habano, and Ecuador Sumatra are the main tobacco leaves grown in the country. These are grown by two major companies - the Olivia Tobacco Company and A.S.P Enterprises, Inc. Try Ecuadorian brand cigars, for sale at Cigar Country!

Ecuador and Connecticut are oily and thin-veined. These silky, shiny, and tan-colored cigars are used for premium Ecuadorian cigars. Cigars produced from them are mild to medium-bodied with alluring notes of dark coffee, cedar, and leather. They have a mild yet complex creamy flavor which makes them perfect for new smokers. Cigars from Ecuador Sumatras are woody and peppery with notes of cinnamon, white pepper, and floral. They often have a sweet aftertaste with a complex, powerful smoke. Ecuador Habanos are considered the best wrappers for a cigar. Their oily silky appearance is visually appealing. Cigars from them are dense with spices, caramel, and pepper. Ecuador cigars are very flavourful and strong because their leaves are primed higher, and they undergo an extended fermentation process.

If you are looking for classic Ecuadorian brand cigars, our collection is the best place to find them. Check out cigars from different origins. Explore all of our handmade cigars! You may also return to the homepage.

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