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Robusto Cigars

The Robusto size is named after the large girth of the cigars. They have found their way to becoming the most popular cigar size globally, especially amongst Americans. They are traditionally about 4 ¾ to 5 ½ inches in length, with their ring gauge ranging between 48 to 52. It is not uncommon to find Robustos as thick as 54 or 56. These cigars are about an inch shorter and thicker than Coronas. Robustos burn slowly and are cooler than Corona cigars because of their dimension. However, Petit and Double Robustos also exist. They provide tons of pleasurable experiences as they burn between 30 mins to an hour compared to coronas which burn faster.

Their thickness provides the perfect grip for the hand with the shortness not too intimidating. This makes them a great choice for new cigar smokers. These Parejos (i.e., straight-sided) cigars provide a complex flavor profile. The binder and filler dominate the flavor more than the wrapper because of the thickness. They could be mild, medium, or full-bodied, depending on the tobacco in the blend. Nearly all brands of cigars have a Robusto size due to their rising popularity and increasing demands. If you are searching for a mild Robusto cigar, the Ashton Classic Magnum or Montecristo Robusto is a perfect fit. Santa Damiana Classic Robusto is also worth trying.

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