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Full-Bodied Cigars

Full-bodied or "bold" cigars are the strongest cigars you can find since they hold up a high level of nicotine. They are usually blended from leaves gotten from the top of the tobacco plant called Ligero. Ligero leaves contain higher nicotine content than other parts of the plant and offer tons of complex flavor in a blend. In terms of the effect on the nose and palates, they have the strongest and thickest smoke. Their dense smoke coats the mouth fully and resonates well with the palates. Full strength cigars have a high intensity of flavors - a consequence of their higher priming. However, this is usually subjective as individuals have different abilities to experience a flavor. The flavor also depends on the other tobacco used to fill the cigar and the wrapper.

Full-bodied cigars should be balanced to have a good experience. This means that different areas of your palates should be equally stimulated because the higher nicotine content in them can overwhelm certain parts of the palate and makes the smoking experience unenjoyable. The best full strength cigars are always well-balanced. Smoking newbies may often exhibit different bodily reactions to these cigars ranging from light-headedness, nausea, increase in heart rate to flushness. These are all due to the effects of nicotine. Full-bodied cigars are often best enjoyed after a meal or with spirits like whiskey by bold experienced cigar smokers ready to get immersed in its kick. Almost all brands have a full-bodied cigar to boost off. Some notable ones include Ashton VSG and Padron 1964 Anniversary.

Check our collection of premium full-bodied cigars for that extra kick. Try different strengths or explore all of our handmade cigars! You may also return to the homepage.

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