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Ashton Cigars

Ashton Cigars is a highly regarded brand that offers magical and consistent blends time after time. Handcrafted by the celebrated Tabacalera A. Fuente, Ashton owner Robert Levin truly figured out the art of creating the perfect smoke. These cigars are perfect any time of day as they pair well with a morning coffee or evening-aged rum. Ashton Imported Cigars' catalog of top-quality premium smokes, handmade in the Dominican Republic, has always been a favorite of experienced cigar fans looking for luxury. So buy Ashton cigars for sale online at Cigar Country!

The brand debuted in 1985. Shortly thereafter, Levin partnered with the Fuente family to produce the brand due to their unequivocal talent, dedication, and passion for premium tobaccos. The Fuente family’s uncompromising standards for taste, construction, and consistency has drawn consumers to their cigars for over a century. Moreover, their ability to embrace and absorb Ashton's production while preserving an exceptional level of quality was unquestioned. With time, Levin successfully expanded the Ashton Imported Cigars portfolio to satisfy cigar lovers' evolving tastes by introducing several now-iconic blends, including the original Ashton Classic, Ashton Aged Maduro, Ashton VSG, and more. Offering a diverse range of strengths and blends, Ashton cigars feature meticulously cultivated premium tobacco leaves to ensure a rewarding smoking experience. We highly recommend making this flavorful gem the next addition to your collection. Buy Ashton cigars online, for sale at the best price!

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Ashton became a famous global brand with the success of their mild yet flavorful Classic blend. If you are looking for something much more powerful, enthusiasts and critics cannot get enough of the VSG. The most highly rated line the brand has to offer! Still not sure what you are looking for and want to try out an assortment? Then go to Ashton Samplers instead. Lastly, you may return to the homepage.

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