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American (USA) Cigars

These are premium hand-rolled American brand cigars produced entirely in the United States (USA). Despite consuming a large part of the cigar market, American cigars make up a smaller market segment. This is because machine-made brands are more common in the United States. However, some hand-rolled cigar companies also exist. These companies are concentrated in the Tampa area of Florida. The Connecticut Valley has been home to tobacco fields for decades. It is the birthplace of the famous Connecticut Shade wrapper. The soil, weather, and technique support the growth of this premium wrapper. The Tampa area of Florida also employs the shading technique to produce premium tobaccos.

Uncle Sam now has a deep roster of premium cigar makers like Toraño, Sancti Spiritus, Padilla, El Rey de Los Habanos, and J.C. Newman. Also, there are 100% machine-made cigars from Backwoods, Phillies, and Avanti. The American, an example of an American Puro, has a medium-full strength. It features a mild nutty, and spicy taste. An example of a cigar made in the U.S. is the American by J.C. Newman Cigars. It is the first 100% American cigar. Sancti Spiritus and El Rey de Los Habanos by José “Peppin” Garcia are some of the other premium cigars made in the U.S. Are you feeling patriotic? Or you are just curious what a cigar made in the U.S tastes like? Satisfy your curiosity by picking an American brand cigar from our collection today.

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