Macanudo Cafe Miniatures
Macanudo Cafe Miniatures
Macanudo Cafe Miniatures

Macanudo Cafe Miniatures

Macanudo Cafe Miniatures is a mild-bodied cigarillo in pocket-sized packs of 8. This iconic Macanudo has always been recognized for its quality and consistency, hallmarks that have earned Macanudo its lofty position as America's best-selling premium cigar in tobacco shops. This machine crafted cigar uses Dominican and Mexican filler tobaccos and Connecticut shade wrappers. Macanudos have built up a fine reputation for quality. Macanudo Cafe Miniatures fits the bill when it comes to consistently subtle and pleasant offerings with exceptional pricing. Originally from Jamaica, Macanudo Cigars moved to Santiago, Dominican Republic, where it flourished into the brand we know and love. Today, General Cigar Company is one of the most renowned names in the cigar industry – and it all started with the innovative handmade Macanudo Cafe blend. Taste the consistency and smoothness of a Macanudo, and immediately you will know why it’s one of the best cigars available today.

Macanudo is Latin American Spanish for "great" or "extraordinary". It was created as a front mark or size by the makers of Punch Cuban cigars. Later, it was developed into a distinct brand in Jamaica under the leadership of Ramón Cifuentes, the veteran maker of Partagas Cuban cigars. Acquired by General Cigar Company in 1969, makers of world-renowned premium brands CAO, La Gloria Cubana, Cohiba, and Partagas. Macanudo Cafe Miniatures has since grown into a global leader in the cigarillo category, and the brand is today sold in more than 50 countries in the best cigar shops. The brand even has its own Club Macanudo cigar bars and lounges across America. Production shifted from Jamaica to the Dominicana in October 2000. The Macanudo Cafe Miniatures is a rich and creamy cigarillo in a box of 5 packs of 8 minis, each crafted in the Dominican Republic. Macanudo Cigars is the largest premium handmade brand in the US in terms of sales volumes. Now is the time to find out why or restock your humidor with these classic cigars.

Too many choices? Please narrow your search by using our filter options. Product Type: Premium machine-made cigars Remarkable product attributes: When it comes to consistently subtle and pleasant cigars with exceptional pricing, Macanudo Cafe Miniatures is unrivaled. This box of 40 cigarillos is perfect for those on the go with a preference for short flavorful smokes. Strength profile: Mild body Master Blender Tasting Notes: Full of rich and creamy tobacco, this blend offers plenty of earthiness and nutty notes as well. Created in: 1960s Born in: Jamaica Made in: Santiago, Dominican Republic Master Blenders: Jhonys Diaz & Yuri Guillen Owners: General Cigar Company For more size and packaging options in this same blend, revisit Macanudo Cafe.
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  • Length
    3 3/4

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    Dominican Republic / Mexico

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    Dominican Republic

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Macanudo Cafe Miniatures

$1000Box of 200