Duho Sabores Vanilla
Duho Sabores Vanilla
Duho Sabores Vanilla

Duho Sabores Vanilla

Duho Sabores Vanilla cigars are flavored cigarillos made with extracts from the Pompona orchid grown in the Dominican Republic's fertile soils. Also, the essence of this delicate tropical flower is perhaps the world’s finest spice. In addition these exquisite cigarillos are laced with the flavor and aroma of this Dominican culinary treasure. Sabores Duho Vainilla Pompona cigarillos is a delicious short smoke that has a vast appeal. Finally, the best selling Vanilla flavored cigar in the Caribbean is available online at Cigar Country.

Furthermore, Duho Sabores Vanilla cigarillos are petit sized 8 cigar tins crafted at the famous Tabacalera de García, the world’s largest premium cigar factory. What few know is that Tabacalera de Garcia also makes the best selling flavored machine-made Backwood cigars. Moreover, made in the Dominican Republic with flawlessly smooth wrappers and specially aged, hand-selected tobaccos. Blended with the same premium Backwoods cigars vanilla flavors. Created by Cigar Country back in 2010. Certainly, a classic Dominican cigar crafted for those who prefer milder smoking experiences. It has a distinctively creamy taste and a subtle finish with no aftertaste.

Duho Sabores Vanilla has become the best-selling vanilla flavored cigars in the Caribbean!! High-quality cigars in an easy to understand popular format. Delicious and affordable cigars you won’t want to miss.


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Product Type: Premium flavored cigars. Remarkable Product Attributes: Duho Sabores Vanilla are exquisite, all-natural, petit cigarillo cigars laced with the flavor and aroma of Dominican vanilla. Packaged in convenient pocket-sized aluminum tins of 8 petite cigars. Strength Profile: Mild to Medium body. Master Blender Tasting Notes: Lush and creamy, punctuated with a long-lasting vanilla finish and a lovely sweet-smelling aroma.

Created In: 2010

Born In: La Romana, Dominican Republic Made In: La Romana, Dominican Republic Master Blenders: Grupo de Maestros Owners: Cigar Country

For more flavored cigarrillos, please visit Duho Sabores. However, for a different option in this same blend, check out Duho Sabores H. Nevertheless, to view all blends by this brand, visit Duho Cigars. Lastly, to return to the homepage, click here.

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Duho Sabores Vanilla

$1000Box of 200