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CAO Cigars

CAO came about in 1968 in Nicaragua. This international company is rich with history; its passion is creating new cigars using unique and rare tobaccos. CAO Cigars are made by the people and for the people. Blending, fermenting, package design−a lot goes into creating new cigars. They are about listening to fans and learning as much as possible about their preferences and tastes; then, they use that knowledge to create smokes that you’ll love. So buy CAO flavored and non-flavored cigars for sale today!

CAO Cigars are by General Cigar Co., the premium cigar subsidiary of Scandinavian Tobacco Group, one of the world's largest cigar producers. The company is known primarily for producing non-Cuban versions of brands like Cohiba, Hoyo de Monterrey, Punch, La Gloria Cubana, and Partagas. General Cigar, though, also achieved commercial and critical success with brands like CAO and Macanudo. In fact, these brands are produced throughout the cigar-making world, as General owns factories in Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua. CAO cigars is an international brand!

CAO is well known for 4 lines of premium cigars:

World: From the valleys of Olancho San Agustín to Brazil's hills and everywhere in between, these are a collection of the finest tobaccos and best-rated cigars in the world. These unique blends come from equally unique regions, bringing their flavors, aroma, and local cultures. Explore the world through these blends by CAO.

Classic: With the styles and techniques inspired by generations before, CAO Classic cigars honor the past's cigar-making traditions. Whether it’s the aged tobacco, taste, or appearance, every Classic cigar offers an experience from yesteryear that you can enjoy year after year.

New Age: CAO New Age is more than just handcrafted smokes; they’re vehicles that show off their boundless ingenuity. They’re the next generation. The product of thinking outside of the box put something new and unheard-of the inside of it. Simply put, CAO New Age is where the cigars of tomorrow meet today. Enjoy.

Flavors: Treat your palate to a refreshing array of flavors and aromas with the CAO Flavours series. All CAO flavored are unique blends featuring the same painstaking approach for every CAO. Ideal for cigar enthusiasts of any kind, CAO Flavours is the perfect choice for an everyday cigar or an enjoyable change of pace from non-flavored smokes.

Buy CAO cigars for sale from the international Cigar Country online! Too many choices? Narrow your search by using our search options. Try the sampler for a variety! Lastly, you may return to the homepage.

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