Personalized Cigars

Personalized Cigar Box

Handmade cigars, like Champagne, have a celebratory vibe or connotation that is impossible to ignore. When you light one up or pop a bottle, it means you’ve “arrived”, “made it”, “let the party begin”!! Light up your special occasions with premium brand custom cigars direct from the factory and country of origin. We custom label each cigar and box with the personalization of your choice. Cigar Country is the place where you will be able to personalize your favorite world-renowned cigar brands like Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, VegaFina, and Don Diego.

Life is good and short unfortunately! Luckily, we are granted many opportunities to celebrate. Waste no opportunity to do so with class.

Most Popular Personalized Cigar Boxes

Here are Popular Special Occasions and Events Celebrated with Custom Cigars:

  • Bridal – Wedding Party

    Your wedding day wouldn’t be nearly as much fun or memorable without all your loving friends and family who traveled to celebrate with you. Express your thanks with a wedding favor that is celebratory in nature and will be greatly appreciated by your guests. Giving away premium wedding cigars is a time-honored tradition. Ideal as groomsmen gifts also. Gifting cigars at your wedding can be a wonderful way to add that special finishing touch to your wedding day. It’s all in the details!

  • Business and Corporate Gifts

    Combine work and play. Seal the deal with personalized premium brand cigars. We customize only the best cigars with your company logo or text of choice. Perfect for celebrating corporate meetings and important milestones. Use them for employee recognition, in client presentations, or as trade-show giveaways.

  • Event Planners

    Events are about celebrating. Nowadays favors, giveaways and gifts must be unique to capture the recipient’s attention. Order personalized premium brand cigars as the perfect accessory and watch your events light up.

  • Births and Birthdays

    We have taken the celebratory IT’S A BOY! and IT’S A GIRL! cigars to a different level. These personalized cigars come from an age in which we didn’t even know the sex of the newborn child until birth. We now know months in advance sex, name and even approximate birthday. Commemorate these special occasions by including name of child and birth month or year.

    Cigars are the perfect birthday gift for a friend, business associate or relative that enjoys an occasional great smoke. You’ll be thanked many times over. Recipients will brag about their personalized premium cigars for months!

  • Graduation

    I made it! We feel the same emotion when we graduate and when we light up a cigar. Celebrate the achievement by sharing personalized cigars with fellow alumni.

  • Father’s Day

    Enjoying a good cigar is a classic male bonding experience. Gift Dad something unique by personalizing his favorite brand of cigars.

  • Valentines Day & Romance

    Add some romance to your relationship by showing your significant other how much you care about their smoking pleasure. Surprise your “cigar enthusiastic” loved one with custom premium brand cigars. Valentine’s or any other day you are feeling romantic.

  • Holidays

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly! Make someone you love very happy over the holidays with a box of their favorite cigar with their name on it. Priceless and unique!

    Now you can use your creativity and gift personalized premium brand cigars. A unique new way to add your personal stamp to any celebration.

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Why premium brand cigars?

You know what to expect from the best brands. Your guests are guaranteed to enjoy a wonderful smoke from a world-renowned brand. Direct from the factory! It is best to buy only one box of a personalized premium brand cigar box than several of a no-name brand. When purchasing from us, you are buying fresh and quality brands. Each cigar and its box are customized with the text and or logo of your choice.

How many cigars should I purchase for my event?

Not everybody smokes cigars, but we assure you everyone will want to take one of these personalized cigars home. We have come across non-smokers that collect personalized cigars or use them to regift! We recommend having enough cigars for at least ½ of your guests or gift recipients.